Video which Inspires, Transcend your Audience to a Higher Consciousness

Tigerlord media delivers commercial grade video content and more. Its not only a dynamic video production company. It’s inspired by the world, the universe, nature and the connections in between.


We Incorporate the essence of humanity to create profound video experiences. 



Video serves many functions, Our purpose isn’t just to inform or to entertain. Video can be an experience which elicits intense emotion that invigorates the soul. 

How it’s done? 


Video content/Film is a narrative regardless of it’s content, this is our main priority when creating content. We also use the components of film to accentuate the narrative. Lastly we use tone to really engrain the essence of the content, tone is vital as it really engages the audience emotionally,  Like an anchor on a sea bed. 

The Dream Machine

Mens Fashion Summer Campaign BSVII



Tigerlord media’s focus is quality and it places emphasis on innovation. Most importantly tigerlord’s ambition is to inspire. An audience whom feels emotion will retain the meaning of a video. 

“All of our Creations are Artistic, We move the heart and then the head follows. We are creators of the Hypervisual”

Video + Marketing = A Ticket to the world’s stage

Not Only is Tigerlord Media a Video Solution, we can provide you with Marketing strategies that work. 

  • SEO Website Optimisation
  • Content Strategy and Marketing
  • Video/Television Campaigns
  • Organic/Sponsored Social Media Campaigns. 
  • Local Marketing Efforts. 

All These Fancy words are simply tools us Marketeers use for us to put clients on your front door. 


Subject to the Sublime, Together Lets create the Exceptional.