Director William Jordan Music Video 2018 Bones – Sydney

A Music Video for “Dane Overton & the Joy Williams Band

Location for this music video was west of Sydney in a place called Windsor. The piece is comprised of two segments, band shots & a narrative.

We shot the band Segments in front of a rustic old shed. To make the shoots dynamic we used vibrant back lighting and attempted to place a great detail of contrast. As a result all shots have an impact and draw the viewer into the video.

In addition, Pat Bahi did a great job with the cinematography when shooting the narrative. We used an FS700 which is great in low light and some high-speed primes. He used the bonfire as a key light and to emulate the moon he used a 2K Arri Tungsten light.

The Story

The story of the narrative is about a man who lost everything and we see him unwind through the darkest moment of his life. My job as director was very simple, the actor Johnathan Devoy did an astounding job. He was candid and all the emotions he portrayed came off as being authentic.

Editing for this was a challenge

The FS700 we used had no mic and so I had to sync all footage by eye. Consequently, I had to edit this piece in an unorthodox way. I also didn’t think I had enough narrative content, it turned out to be the complete opposite to what I expected. I had to much and had to cut some content. The positive to this is the video has great pacing, each shot rolls across with high impact. No shot is there for a second too long.