Auckland Videography for EHPLABS Shot by William Jordan

William’s debut to scripted content

Here is the first Flagship video I shot for the Health supplement brand EHPLABS. We shot it around Auckland and featured it at the iconic Mt Eden. 

The first stage was writing a script for it. Through discussion with my peers we wanted to create a video which inspired.  The idea was to encourage people to exercise outdoors or at places they people love. 

From Script to Storyboard

I then created a storyboard. The shots I choose were designed to be cinematic and really push the rule of thirds. I’m a huge fan of the wide lens as it distorts depth in such an interesting way.  

As a videographer, I’ve always attempted to push boundaries. From shooting this video I feel it’s where I established my style. 

The video features the fitness models; Rosanna Arkle, and Josef Rakich. 

Sometimes you have to just go against the script.

This was my first experience shooting script based content following film school. Everyone was ecstatic with the results, it was a joy to shoot but it was a challenge.

I found that my vision didn’t match our shooting locations. I also had creative clashes with the CEO of ehplabs. I had alot of pressure from him and it took a while to see what I saw. 

The storyboards still helped a great deal. We had a blueprint. Often I find with shooting is that you make a shotlist and on the day make alot of realisations. Sometimes you make doubles of shots and you only need one. Other times you realise your shots are unachievable.

The importance of the shotlist lies in the fact that it keeps you grounded in your vision.